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Your R&D partner for cutting-edge AI solutions in games and simulations. Unlock the future with our innovative solutions.

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About Us

We combine research and entertainment for your needs

With a passion for innovation and a deep understanding of AI technologies, we strive to push the boundaries of gaming experiences. Join us on this journey as we shape the future of gaming through the fusion of technology and creativity.

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Our Services

Our Excellent AI Solutions

At 4ga Labs, we can offer transformative gaming experiences through our cutting-edge AI solutions. Our tailored services empower game developers to unlock new realms of creativity and player engagement.

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AI-Driven Game Development

Advanced AI algorithms for creating intelligent NPCs and adaptive game environments, enriching player experiences.

AI-Assisted Game Design Tools

Intuitive AI tools for streamlining workflows, prototyping ideas, and optimizing gameplay mechanics.

Behavior Modeling and Player Analytics

Sophisticated AI models that simulate realistic human-like player behavior, enabling engaging and immersive gameplay.

Virtual Simulation and Training

Realistic virtual training environments that enable immersive simulations across industries.

Why Choose Us

We Just Can't Stop Growing

Since 2017, 4ga Studios is providing players and teachers with educational games of exceptional quality. We've been experimenting with AI in relation to games for many years. By harnessing the power of AI, 4ga Labs aim to create interactive virtual worlds that captivate players and challenge traditional gaming standards.

10+ games published
Countless concepts, prototypes, mechanics and custom tools prepared
5 000 000+ of hours played


Happy Teachers


Games Completed

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Case Studies

Explore How AI Can Be Used in The Gaming Field

Potential Users: Game Developers, Server Creators

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Automated Testing
AI Automated Game Testing
Speed up the game production process by automating the testing process through the use of intelligent agents. Simulated players can be used to e.g. assess the quality of the game, analyze server performance/capacities, evaluate game world complexity, and stress test network solutions.
Deep neural networks
Multiplayer games
Games without a predetermined goal
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Predictive Analysis
Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment
Accelerate the learning process by dynamically adjusting the difficulty of the game so that it combines learning and entertainment in a way that is challenging for the player. This approach allows for boosting learning speed and achieving better results by increasing player involvement.
Machine learning
Educational games
4ga Labs Self-learning NPC
Intelligent Agents
Self-learning NPCs
Create vivid worlds and increase immersion by introducing dynamic changes in the behavior of intelligent agents depending on user interactions with the environment. Combine it with natural language processing (NLP) models to make NPCs feel even more realistic.
Deep neural networks
Multiplayer games
Games without a predetermined goal
4ga Labs World Generator
Dynamic Worlds
Dynamic World Evolution
Boost the repetitive value by introducing the dynamic evolution of world locations. Advanced AI models can be used to diversify the gameplay, increase player engagement and playtime, prevent the formation of METAs, and lower the time needed for manually adjusting the world.
Deep neural networks
Multiplayer games
Open world games and simulations
4ga Labs World Transformation
Procedural World Generation
Themed Worlds
Quickly transform any existing world into a themed world based on the resources provided. World thematization can be used to prototype without the need to manually change the whole procedural world generator, or by someone who doesn't have the knowledge to create one.
Deep neural networks
Multiplayer games
Open world games
Our Team

Meet Our Passionate Team

Our enthusiastic team of visionary game developers, adept engineers, and insightful data scientists stand at the forefront of AI advancements, constantly exploring new possibilities and pushing the limits of what is possible. Here you can see just key people.

Our main objective is to help our customers - partners achieve success by creating state-of-the-art AI-driven solutions. Our focus lies in harnessing recent technologies to develop innovative and immersive experiences. Through constant research and development, we aim to enhance the capabilities of our AI systems, ensuring they adapt and learn from complex environments and human interactions. Our primary mission revolves around exploring the limitless potential of artificial intelligence across various fields. We are committed to blending imagination, scientific acumen, and technological prowess to pave the way for groundbreaking transformations in the gaming industry and beyond.

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Piotr Pakulski
Founder & CEO
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Michał Guzik
Co-founder & Executive Manager
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4ga AI Bot
Chief Executive Advisor
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